Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why Fire Sam Sifton?

I love NYC.  There are a million reasons that this city is the best in the world.  However, among all of the great reasons, one of the very top reasons is its restaurants. Whether we city dwellers like it or not the NY Times Restaurant Review is a powerful force in the restaurant world.  A review can literally make or break a new restaurant. In years past the restaurant critic has understood that power and wielded it admirably. But since the departure of Frank Bruni (who had in fairness become an overwhelming negatron) we have been under the thumb of Sam Sifton.  This is a man who clearly knows nothing about food and doesn't care to learn.  His reviews are all about atmosphere and the relative attractiveness of the crowd he manages to ogle.  This page will soon be filled with well-reasoned and cogent arguments for why the NY Times should fire Sam Sifton. If you care about restaurants in this city, follow this blog, and help free NYC of the tyranny of this man.

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  1. I love the concept...a review of the reviewer!