Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Barry O's at Red Rooster

Barry O's at Red Rooster for a $30,000 per plate fund raiser today. The stellar always reliable news source, the Metro, ran an article today discussing how people in Harlem think its too expensive and they can't go. Hmm, thanks for that Metro. But it does beg the question...was Sam Sifton on to something when he claimed that Red Rooster was perhaps the most important restaurant to open in years?  Somehow I still doubt that statement, and I know that Sifty was totally wrong about his reasons for making that claim (aka inter-racial dining). But, it does seem important that Barry chose a location in Harlem, and that there is a fine-dining option available for this sort of extravagant dinner. Its better than having it in another midtown establishment.

That being said...can someone lend me $30,000? I promise to tell Barry O that we cannot have a new war in an oil rich country with no clear plan and no exit strategy.

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