Sunday, May 29, 2011

I love New York

Jay-Z wasn't wrong when he gave the shout to New York. This concrete jungle where dreams are made shines at the beginning of summer like no place else on earth. I started this blog because I feel like this city deserves more from its most important restaurant critic than what Sifton has offered, but its really about my love of New York. I realized recently, as I have stalled in my updating, that there are just so many ways to point out the problems with Sam Sifton (particularly when I can't afford to eat at all the places he reviews), so from here forward I will also be writing about all the ways in which I love New York.

Summer has finally arrived and it was the perfect opportunity to go to Coney Island.  The new park is open and the rides are killer. But more importantly after snacking on the original Nathan's, we strolled down the Boardwalk to Russia. Borscht, veraniki, and beet salad....mmmmm. Wandered through true Americana, an amusement park with a domestic draft in a paper cup.  Followed by a stop off in the east vill....and late night Japanese.  What better way to end a day than with perfectly grilled squid and a glass of cold sake?

This is the city that dreams are made of, and those dreams have brought us the worlds food.  I love you New York.

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